AVANTI Series. The 4-in-1 Hydraulic Bolting System

Building on the features of the Edge and MXT bolting systems, the Avanti privides the highest level of bolting optimization with major advantages in safety, speed and accuracy.

  • Capable of pure-tension, torque, torque-angle or yield point bolting
  • Hands-free operation with elimination of dangerous pinch points
  • Increased simplicity and function for job time reduction of up to 50%
  • Industry leading bolt-load accuracy within +- 5% when using HYTORC Nut
  • Uni-swivel technology and 360 degree reaction arm for free movement
  • Available in 11 sizes with torque output from 115 ft-lbs to over 138,500 ft-lbs.


Traditional Torque

Traditional torque can be applied with a standard reaction arm or custom reaction fixtures.


Hands-Free Torque

Safe, accurate and hands-free; adding the HYTORC Washer under your hex nut reaction arms and backup wrenches.


Load Accurate Tension

The HYTORC Nut replaces traditional hex nuts for the highest level of load accuracy available today. Archieve straight-pull tension without hand torquing, applying heat or taking measurement.